Amanda Pratt at Amo and Pax


Hi. I’m Amanda Pratt and I was an owner, and the creative director and head buyer for Avoca for more than 20 years. Subsequently I’ve been lucky to work on a diverse range of commercial and pro bono ventures here in Ireland, the UK and the US. Amo and Pax is passion project for me, to create a different sort of store, liberating, a chance to express meaning and positivity through design and making.

The same core values always inform how I approach projects and creativity. Design for joy and engagement; work sustainably with materials and processes. And most importantly, create with authenticity, beauty and meaning. These are the values at the heart of our shop at Amo & Pax.

Amo & Pax, Kilmacanogue

We want to do something with meaning, with a more conscious, sustainable, purposeful perspective.

We all are seeking experiences with meaning, even when we’re shopping. The philosophy, the motivation, the “why” of the way something is being done matters. I believe we have to have something new to contribute, otherwise it just adds to the noise.


Mugs in pottery


So Amo & Pax is only stocking things that bring me and hopefully others joy, that make us smile or make us think. We are replacing plastic with plant-based packaging that is properly biodegradable. We’re looking carefully at how suppliers ship to us, how they pack, looking to minimise waste, reduce plastic usage – to do the very best we can for ourselves and our planet.

We are looking to create a nurturing space for wellbeing and for positivity, celebrating creativity and making, and in some way, renewing the human spirit.

Mirrors backs amo and pax