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Welcome to Amo & Pax

At Amo & Pax, we’re looking to offer a different sort of shop, one that reflects a more conscious form of retail, design and making. Of selling and buying. Of sourcing and making responsibly. Even repairing and upcycling on-site. We want to reimagine how to think about the shopping experience. To nurture wellbeing and the human spirit, while celebrating creativity and making in a beautiful space.

Amanda Pratt amo and pax
Amo & Pax upstairs

Events, Activities & Wellness

At Amo & Pax, as well as design-focused shopping, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and making, we’ve a spacious, light-filled wellbeing and events space on our upper floor. We are developing a range of nurturing activities and happenings around art, creativity and self development inspired by initiatives like The School of Life. Check out the latest classes and happenings here.

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"It is better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation."

Herman Melville