Activities at Amo & Pax

Uplove your Favourites

Now we have Making & Mending from Wed to Sat. Give your favourite pieces a second life with creative, skilled repairing and upcycling with our on-site tailor.

A buzzword these days is the circular economy: we call it great fun and common sense. It’s a chance to shop vintage. To upcycle, recycle, be creative. We’re repairing and reconstituting clothes on-site with our fabulous tailor, Collette. She’s even making new pieces here from from scratch, including our own Amo & Pax shirts and smocks.

We might mend using vintage fabrics or embroidered patches. Or reline a tailored piece in a great new colour. Or darn a hole with skill. It’s a chance for people to reclaim a lost piece, to put their own stamp (or patch, perhaps) of individuality on it. Why should your favourite pieces not live on, uploved, reborn?

Collette is now on-site Wed through to Sat, but you can drop in your items and have a chat through with our staff anytime.


Jeans before and after Amo and Pax